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Frugal Ideas

Do your friends think you’re a cheap individual because you’re frugal? I have to admit I’m one of those individuals!  Some ideas can be considered money savers and some are a waste of time.

Frugal Thinking

So some of my family and friends think “What’s wrong with me for being so frugal”?  The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with me!  My opinion is you should be happier! It’s because you’re actually keeping and adding more money to your wallet.


Cheap or Frugal?

We all know someone that maximizes the use of items. How about your friend that’s still wearing that same blouse from 15 years ago.  It’s obvious there are holes in the blouse but they’re still wearing it today.  Is that being cheap or frugal?

Maybe your friend hates to shop or they don’t want to spend money. I think because the blouse is still useable, they choose to save money for better use.

Anyways, besides being frugal, you can always make money by doing side hustles.

Here are our 40 frugal ideas listed below.  You can personally decide for yourself what is a cost saver or just a frugal idea.

  1. Collect recyclable beverage containers. Containers like aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles can earn you about $.05 a piece.


  1. Use vinegar as a surface cleaning solution.  Instead of purchasing expensive harsh chemicals, mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle.


  1. Starting a garden? Buy certain vegetables from the market, take the seeds and plant a garden.  Example, seeds can be taken from tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.


  1. Cook a meal in exchange for someone’s work or labor.  You can save dollars by cooking instead of taking that person out for dinner at a restaurant.


  1. Shop at a thrift store.  Did you know you can find name brand clothes at the thrift store?  Visit your local thrift store and dress stylish for a few dollars.


  1. Rideshare going to work and save money on gas.  Take turns with a coworker to drive to work.


  1. Get FREE fertilizer for your vegetable garden.  Collect your vegetable waste and compost it for free nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants.


  1. When you’re walking or taking a stroll, be on the lookout for coins that people drop.  Four quarters is a dollar!  All those coins add up.


  1. Dine at a restaurant that serves large portions of food at a reasonable price.  Instead of getting a plate of food for each individual, split it 2, 3 or 4 ways.


  1. Clip coupons to use at your favorite super market.  It’s a frugal idea that definitely adds up your savings over time.
    1. Do surveys.  There are many companies that are willing to pay you for your opinion.  I did a survey the other month and they mailed me $20 cash.  That survey took less than 10 minutes.


    1. Sign up and install a supermarket app on your phone for bargains and extra discounts.  There are major supermarket chains that are available in your area. Offering deep discounts every week for the frugal individual.


    1. Use candles in the evening and save on electricity.  Be sure to use a contained candle holder to protect surfaces from wax and fire safety.


    1. When washing your fruits and vegetables, collect the wash water and use it in your garden.  Many areas across the country are suffering from drought.


    1. Reuse glass jars as flower holders.  You can personally decorate the jars for eye pleasing designs.


    1. Pack lunch when you go to work everyday. For the frugal individual, imagine how much more money you have versus your coworker that buys lunch everyday.


    1. Use baking soda instead of buying toothpaste to brush your teeth. Mix a small equal amount of baking soda and water to make a paste.


    1. Buy some needles and different colored thread.  The frugal individual can easily patch those small tears on your clothes, underwear and socks. 


    1. After you wash your hands, dry it with paper towels.  Dry the paper towels so you can reuse it again.


    1. You can ditch the high dollar cable bill by purchasing a digital antenna for your television.  You’ll be able to watch the major networks in your area.  Not enough channels to watch? You can spend more time making money with your side hustle.


      1. Avoid late fees by paying your bills on time!


      1. You can be frugal with your electricity costs by hanging your clothes outdoors to dry.  During the summer months when it’s hot outside, you can save on electricity and mechanical breakdown of your dryer.


      1. Be a DIY person. You can attempt repairs and installations in your home and save money! If you’re frugal, you’re likely a DIY individual.  Use Youtube and look up “how to repair _____” and “how to install ____” etc.


      1. Before you go grocery shopping, take a quick inventory of your pantry and what’s in your refrigerator.  Doing this will help you from overbuying groceries you already have available.


      1. Go to the park and exercise.  As a frugal person, save money by going to the park instead of paying gym memberships.  There are parks with exercise equipment like chin up bars etc.



      1. Pay off your credit card balances every month! Look at your credit card as a tool!  If you pay off your balance every month, you get to use a loan for FREE!  If you’re carrying over a balance and paying interest, then you’re defeating the purpose of your card.


      1. Instead of buying jugs of bottled water, get a drinking water filtration device for your home.


      1. Check your tire pressure.  Having the incorrect tire pressures will affect your fuel economy and premature wear on your tires.


      1. Create a meal plan for you and your family.  Planning ahead will save you from impulse buying…especially when you’re hungry.


      1. Repair your credit. Start off by paying off your entire balance and paying on time.  Benefits of good credit include; a good credit score and great interest rates.


      1. Save on the cost of medicine by buying generic medications.  Ask your pharmacist for the generic equivalent.


      1. Buy meat in bulk sizes and cut it yourself.  The cost of meat (per pound) sold in bulk is substantially less than cut meat.


      1. Use credit cards with reward incentives. Rewards include; cash back, gift cards, merchandise and travel. Shop around for these cards.


      1. Quit smoking and drinking.  Save your health and be around for your family!  By quitting you’re also saving yourself the expense of expensive alcohol and cigarettes.


      1. Get free plants for your landscape!  A lot of landscape plants can be propagated by seeds, cuttings or pieces of roots.  If you see a plant that you like, just ask the owner for some plant material. 


      1. Evaluate your electrical use.  Unplug everything in your rooms that are unoccupied.  Items like electric clocks, laptop chargers etc should be unplugged.  Also, you can save electricity by installing a timer for your water heater.


      1. Do your banking at a bank with no service fees.


      1. Learn to make a version of your favorite coffee that you’re always buying from that popular coffee shop at home. 


      1. Get free entertainment!  Check out your local newspaper or community billboard for live band performances.  


      1. Clean up your house!  Get rid of your possessions that you no longer use.  You can sell those items or donate it to a non-profit organization for a tax write off.


      You can live frugally and save yourself more money overtime. Be yourself.  Spend and live in a way that makes you happy.


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