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I recently finished reading The Millionaire Fast Lane by MJ DeMarco. I found this book to be a jaw dropper! Like many of us, the author was an average person. When DeMarco was a teenager going to an ice cream shop, he was captivated by a Lamborghini parked in the parking lot. Seeing a young gentleman walking to the Lamborghini, probably the owner, DeMarco summoned the courage to approach the car owner to find out what kind of work he did.  A simple answer is he’s an inventor.  Such a brief conversation in the parking lot set the stage for DeMarco’s financial future.

Motivation to Become A Millionaire

When you want to get ahead financially and the pace seems so slow, what are you going to do? Making extra money as a side hustle can be difficult for some.  Trying to juggle a schedule of working a full-time job, spending time with family and incorporating a side hustle can be a challenging task to do.  Keeping your head up high and moving forward is all that you can do.

Sometime along the way we hit a snag.  A time that we become discouraged and lose sight of our goal for financial independence.  So you surf the internet or read books on improving our finances of course. We are going to work our butts off so that we can move forward to attain that financial goal in the near term.

Do what you can to get the most money. We even do things like maxing out our 401K at work every year to get our employer’s matching contribution. But when you hit a plateau on this journey to a better financial future, your motivation begins to waiver and you begin to lose sight of your goals. That period of discouragement leads you to look for answers. When surfing for answers on the internet, there are so many different viewpoints on becoming financially independent.  Instead of the internet helping you find answers, it can cloud up your goals or vision.


There is a lot of information about becoming wealthy on the internet.  You’ve seen these articles yourself!  They talk about saving every month and earning a certain percentage for 50 years and then you may have an opportunity to become a millionaire.  The problem is that is a LONG time!  What if you don’t have thirty years or you want to be a millionaire as soon as possible?   What will motivate you to reach that goal?  In The Millionaire Fast Lane, there are two roads to wealth, the slow lane and the fast lane. I guess you can figure out which road the author took that he could afford to own his own Lamborghini?

Millionaire read worth checking out

While on a mission to find my answers, there had to be something on the internet, a book or some kind of resource that is different from the majority of books and articles. One that will come close to answering that question about becoming a millionaire not in fifty years but as soon as possible!

There are many books or biographies on how famous millionaire/billionaire individuals attained their status and their process they went through to reach that sought after goal. We can try to replicate their process, but does that mean we’ll be successful like them also? Trying to keep your sanity is what happens when searching for these answers that you want to hear and can’t seem to find.

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Having read The Millionaire Fast Lane, this book has opened my eyes unlike other top selling financial books I have read in the past.  It has re-routed my life’s financial plan knowing I’ve been in the slow lane all this time.  What I loved about this book is the blunt in your face statements that is hilarious and at the same time hit you at the bone because it’s the truth!  Get this book because it is a worthwhile read.