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Flipping Houses: How To Profit For Beginners Part 1

For beginners, flipping homes is a subject that has a magnetic draw for individuals. Make money flipping houses. Yes, we see those infomercials broadcasting on local channels when a big seminar comes to town. Those infomercials are exciting to watch because all these individuals are making money! But is it really easy to make money as appears on those infomercials? Flipping homes can be a lucrative venture to pursue. By following a cautious path, by planning and putting lots of thought in the process, you can be successful too.


What is Your Plan of Action?

Before you jump head first into house flipping, know what you’re getting yourself into. Know how you’re going into this and how you are getting out. A lot of money can be made. A lot of money can be loss also. Your decision to flip homes not only affects your family but most of all your finances and yourself.  To be successful in flipping homes, you need to be successful in your planning.

Time spent on renovations means many hours spent away from family. Is the money worth more than a strained family relationship when working endless hours on the project?  Create a balance for both the flip and for your family.  Prioritize time with your family!


Know your finances

Determine your budget for the project. Be on top of all the expenses that are associated with the flip. Expenses associate with obtaining the property is the cost of the property, closing fees and recording fees. Expenses with renovating the property is building permits, materials, labor and services needed to complete the home.

Since flipping homes is a large undertaking, you need to know the extent of the finances involved.  Yes, large sums of money can be made and you can also lose it all. A successful flip can be lucrative and also financially devastating to the unsuccessful flipper.

Unless you personally have a large financial support to see the project through, it’s best that you form a partnership.  Having a legal business partnership can minimize the amount of financial burden on one individual.  The partnership can include an additional person or multiple individuals.


Know yourself

Because there is large dollars at stake, you better know yourself very well. Flipping a home requires your focus to be successful. Be aware of your personal habits. Know how those good and bad habits can become determining factors towards the success of the flip. If you lack the confidence to see a flip from start to end, create a legal partnership.

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A partnership involves people with the goal of successfully flipping the property.  The group of partners are make difficult decisions that are crucial to the success of the flip.  The partnership helps you and the other partners to be accountable for success.


Set the schedule

Determine the time line for the flip. Include in the schedule the time frame when the property is bought until it’s sold.  An efficient schedule means an effective use of time and resources.  Be sure to schedule time with your family.

A typical schedule will include: repairs/renovations on foundation, structural (sub-floors, walls), roofing and interior repairs.  All flips are different and may only require minor repairs or touch ups to be salable.


To follow a reasonable schedule creates a sense of urgency. That urgency is attaining the goal of receiving your return on investment.  Keep in mind, when flipping a home by yourself. It may take months to get that return on investment. The flip should include the assistance of others instead of a one man show. Your budget should include the use of contractors to complete a portion of the project. Strive towards getting an efficient turn over of the property.


Hiring help

A property must be completely renovated and sold in a reasonable time to realize a profit. The condition of the property (at purchase) determine whether additional help is needed. Cosmetic repairs and minor renovations can be done by an individual flipper. Larger task or repairs beyond your skill levels can be subcontracted out. Examples are re-roofing the house and foundation repairs. Hire a group of laborers to effectively complete the tedious demolition work.

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 Beginning flippers have different financial circumstances that affect the hire of helpers.  There is a limit to the finances of an individual investor. The finances of a partnership has more capabilities for hiring.  An individual flipper is more likely to encounter financial setbacks when it comes to flipping. Plan for the finances required to successfully flip a property before you purchase the property. If you know your finances are lacking, form a partnership to increase your potential of success.


Flipping Houses-Your Goal for Flipping Homes

As a beginning flipper, start with a simple goal. Start off with one property. Do your due diligence.  Doing a detailed evaluation of the steps involved in accomplishing your goal is a prerequisite to success.  If you plan for success and have contingencies in place for possible setbacks, you increase your probabilities for success.

First of all, the goal of any flipper is to purchase the property at the best price. To successfully negotiate an ideal price determines the profitability of the flip.  Pre-determine the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the property.

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