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You love your job but you’ve been wondering how to get a pay raise without asking.  You’ve been there a few years so how can you do it?


  • Get A Pay Raise By Being a leader
  • Get A Pay Raise By Helping Your Co-workers
  • Get A Pay Raise By Solving Problems
  • Get A Pay Raise By Being  Prompt and Quick
  • Get A Pay Raise By Being Organized  
  • Get A Pay Raise By Making Sales 
  • Get A Pay Raise By Showcasing Your Skills



Get A Pay Raise By Being A Leader

You have the potential to stand out among your other coworkers by showing your leadership skills. To be a leader doesn’t mean you always need to be in the front of the pack.

You show that you’re a reliable person.  You come to work on time, you finish your assignments on time or ahead of schedule.  Become an individual who is optimistic when others are constantly negative.  Be the individual who displays positive energy in the workplace.  That positive attitude is a prerequisite to your success.

You show your manager that you have valuable job skills and you’re a proactive individual at your workplace.

Be that person that will help Jim or Suzy when they’re struggling with completing their assignments.



Get A Pay Raise By Helping Your Co-workers

To be part of a work team means helping each other.  When there are tasks that are difficult, it means that you’ll be there when the going gets tough.  Of course, many of us want easier work. But will that get you the leverage to get a pay raise?

To be there during the tough tasks means you are supportive of the situation.  Be natural and be a team player.  Show that you can be calm and help through the difficult work situation.

Being a team player shows that you support the organization and support its goals. Your efforts help to boost the morale of your workplace.

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Get A Pay Raise By Solving Problems

No matter where you work, there will always be problems that come up.  What are you going to do to resolve the problems in your workplace?  Problem solving skills are a necessity if you want to be considered for a pay raise.

What are you doing when problems arise at work?  Do you sit there and do nothing?  Are you one of those that say “It’s not my job”?  If you want to make some bucks, you better be in the front of the line with a reasonable solution.

Those who sit back and complain about the workplace everyday will never get a head.  If they refuse to budge, you’re better off being the top individual.  Be the one who will get paid higher. Increase your chances of getting a pay raise by solving the issues.

Get A Pay Raise By Being  Prompt and Quick

Completing assignments quickly and efficiently can help you rise in ranks with your company.  Whatever assignments are given to you, strive to complete it accurately and quickly. To be a worker who works efficiently is a good reason to get a pay raise.

We see it in our workplace.  There’s always a few individuals that take their time.  An assignment that takes a few hours to complete, takes them a day or more.  So the equivalent tasks that were given to Adam, you were able to complete it 4 hours earlier than he did.  Who do you think your company will appreciate more?  It’s you!

So what does it mean to you?  It means that you look great in the eye’s of the company!

The company can continue to move forward with its goals because of your ability to complete assignments ahead of schedule. To be prompt and quick gives you the ability get a pay raise

Get A Pay Raise By Being Organized  

To get a pay raise, your workmanship and your work area needs to look organized and tidy.  If you’re not, do you think your company would want to give you a pay raise when things look sloppy?  Of course not!

Keep your work area looking tidy.  If your desk looks like a storm went through there, clean it up!   Is it possible?  We all have a spot where it’s a mess!  Yes, at home and maybe a small spot in your office.  Take that extra effort to make yourself look good and keep your desk organized.

To get a raise, present great workmanship. We’ve all seen it in our workplace when we’re critiquing co-workers’ work.  “Yikes, who did this?  It looks so crappy!”  Does that sound familiar?  Where do you stand when it comes to workmanship and organization? Does your organizational skills show you deserve a pay raise?

Strive to show that you got your thing together.  Show your workplace that your work looks great!  It means that your work is uniform, it’s in order, it’s visually appealing and most of all the work has your name written all over it.


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Get A Pay Raise By Making Sales 

For a company to be successful, it needs workers that are able to make sales. You need to close the deal.  Have you recently evaluated your selling skills? Are you able to make sales during the hard times? If you haven’t evaluated that, take a moment to do that.  How has your commission report been?  Are you making the type of money you’re expecting?  If not, now is the time for improvement.

Selling means you’re selling.  You’re making sales and not just taking a customer’s order.  You take a customer’s order by asking them, “What can I get for you today?” and that’s it.  Of course, you can take a customer’s order but take it up a notch by making sales and selling them more.

Set a personal goal for yourself for making sales that exceed your company’s expectations.  Making sales by telling yourself, “I will sell “x” amount of the most expensive product or service your company has to offer by the end of this week”.  Higher dollar valued items means a bigger commission for you.

Just by improving your selling skills, your paycheck will  reflect a higher dollar amount.  I hope the bigger dollars sounds great to you? More like a bigger pay raise… Keep selling!

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Get A Pay Raise By Showcasing Your Skills

I’m certain you remember what used to happen during your P.E. class?  The teams were picked based on the person’s stature along with their skills and abilities.  Ron is tall. He can rebound the basketball and also block it… he’s picked first.  Do you remember that?  For some of us, it’s a nightmare when you’re one of the last to be picked. Yes, it’s a painful experience if you are one of the ones that was considered slow or overweight.  That was then…..

Where do you stand when it comes to skills at work?  Do you have just the basic skills to get by with your job?  You become more valuable and can ask for a pay raise by showing more of your skills.  Like that office door that is difficult to open because it rubs on the jambs.  Because you have that additional skill, you simply tweak that door and the door problem is solved.  Guess who’s the hero?  You are!

I’m a firm believer that our existing skills are never enough. There’s always room to improve yourself and develop more skills to improve your finances.  Instead of watching tv all evening, grab a book and start learning something new.

By investing more time in learning, you improve your skills for work and gain skills to operate your own business.



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