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5 Sure Fire Tips For Good Traveling In 2023

  • Pack Spare Essentials
  • Use Your Credit Card
  • Plan Your Trip
  • Shop For The Best Deals
  • Purchase Travel Insurance


Pack Spare Essentials

Have you ever waited at the airport back claim carousel for your baggage to appear? You wait there for half an hour until the last bag is dispensed.  “Where’s my suitcase”? This does happen! No fresh clothes to change to after 12 hours of travel time. What an inconvenience!

Now, you have to run to a store to buy some spare clothes, tooth brush, toothpaste etc.  What if you flight arrived after midnight and all the local stores are closed? Guess you’ll be spending the rest of the evening in those stale clothes until your baggage arrives.

Always pack the important essential items in your hand carry. In case your luggage gets lost, you will have spare clothes and essential items while waiting for your bags.

Use Your Credit Card

Use credit cards with a reward program.  Reward programs that allow you to accumulate points or mileage can generate savings on airline tickets.  Use your rewards credit card when shopping. These dollars convert to points that can be redeemed for your tickets.

Some credit cards also promote additional points when shopping at selected merchants.  Subscribe to your credit card company’s email list to get notice on these promotions.

Keep in mind that your credit card is a good tool to have. Be sure to pay your entire balance each month. Never abuse the use of credit cards by purchasing items that you are unable to pay each month.

Plan Your Trip

Study and get familiar with the area where you will be traveling to. Make it a point to do online research when planning your itinerary. When you plan ahead will result in significant savings for your family.

Visit museums, historical sights even take a short ferry ride to that nearby island. However you plan it, know where you go each day and where you will dine. Use online maps and street views on Google Maps can help you see where you going.

Shop For The Best Deals

Who doesn’t love getting the best bang for their dollar?  Just because you see offers that are “Discounted”, are you really getting a great deal?  There are things to consider if there is value in your prospective purchase.

  • Time –  To many individuals, time is valuable.  If you were to make this purchase, ask yourself “Am I gaining or losing time if I purchase this”?  A low priced deal takes more of your time may not be a good deal after all.
  • Additional Benefits – Are there additional perks or services that come along with your purchase?  For example, you locate an above average rated hotel that offers a room and breakfast buffet.
  • Dollar –  Of course, the deal that’s low cost, saves your time and includes extra benefits should be purchased.

Finding the best deals will take time.  You want to keep him mind that you want to have a clear mind when shopping. Shopping for deals when stressed or rushed can be costly.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Traveling to a far destination is exciting for the entire family.  We invest a large sum of money for traveling arrangements for our trip.  We overlook to protect the finances that was invested in the trip. Maybe your trip to that tropical destination is during the peak of flu season.

What if you or a family member gets sick?  Does all that money you spent on airfare and accommodations just vanish?  Some class of airline tickets do say “NON REFUNDABLE”. It’s a gut sickening feeling when a family member is sick a day or hours before the trip.

Furthermore, you have to make a decision immediately on the fate of your travel.  This certainly is a difficult situation to be in.

In the future, when you are planning on booking your trip, remember to buy travel insurance before your trip.  By getting travel insurance, it is comforting to know the hard earned dollars spent on your trip is protected. Check the benefits on your credit card.  There are credit cards that have the travel insurance benefit.


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