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How To Make Money By Real Estate Investing

Thank you Catherine Way for the following guest post. 

If you are looking at growing your wealth and income, then you must’ve come across the quotes and figures that state time and again that the one true way of becoming rich is thru real estate.

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.”- Andrew Carnegie

Who doesn’t love the idea of a passive income or growing rich in your sleep?

More people are renting than ever before, and the market for landlords is ever expanding, with no plans on stopping anytime soon.

New avenues for real estate investing are coming to life thanks to the popularity of AirBNBs and House flipping! A Clear result as more properties are being snatched up to provide rental homes, Airbnb resorts, and flips.

Therefore making money by real estate investing has never been easier.

The time t start real estate investing is here, and making money by investing, has never been easier.


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What is Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing isn’t for the faint-hearted, and with the crash still fresh in our minds from ‘08, many would-be investors are paralyzed by the fear of risk than the actual risks themselves.

Real estate investing is a great way to not only build passive wealth but long-term wealth as well.

“Real Estate investing is investing time, money, and resources into real estate, either by improving and repairing properties, managing rentals, or even wholesaling properties. Real estate investors who can find undervalued properties can expect to see large returns by offering rental or even flipping homes quickly.” Loren Howard- Prime Plus Mortgages, Phoenix Hard Money Loans.

There are many different ways to become a real estate investor, you can flip homes, rent, or even wholesaling. The modern-day gold rush is here, in the form of real estate, as real estate investors can earn more by renting than ever before, or house flippers turning over homes at record levels, the time to start real estate investing is now.


Buy Gold and Silver

By simply upgrading homes, or even have a spare room to rent clever real estate investors are making more money than ever.



Renting or landlord may be the easiest and fastest way to start real estate investing.

Managing a rental can take some finesse, but for those who want a taste of real estate investing renting is the easiest way to get started.

Apps like AirBNB make renting out of your home easy (if your city allows it), and you can learn the basics or vacation rentals, or even the benefits of long-term rentals.

Many real estate investors are turning to Airbnb to keep properties full, and some even run their very own Airbnb style resorts. By using these apps you can learn the market highs and lows and the basics of managing a property.

Renting is a great way to make some serious passive income  and start building your capital for your next big project, such as larger rental units, house flipping or wholesaling.

Even renting a home can turn over some serious passive income, and completing small, simple upgrades can boost property values, attract better tenants and improve tenant retention. You can add small amenities to your rental to make it more enticing to more tenants, or for higher rents.

Many Real estate investors love the passive, and monthly incomes that come from renting, but for big-ticket turnovers, many real estate investors turn to the following to generate even more money.





House Flipping

If you haven’t seen the rise of house flipping shows or even the increase of popularity of the term house flipping, you haven’t been paying attention!

House flipping is everywhere, and is even soaring higher than it ever has before!

House Flipping is finding undervalued homes, upgrading them to what the market demands, and selling for a profit. House flippers in hot markets all over the country can make serious money by supplying homes that first-time buyers want, for more money than they ever have before. House Flippers are rebuilding the real estate markets of their cities by taking undesirable homes and making them hot commodities.”  Loren Howard: Prime Plus Mortgages, Mesa Hard Money Loans.

House flipping is pretty trendy right now, do the to the popularity of the t.v. shows, but they perform a crucial service, and with some serious money to boost.

House flippers buy houses for cheap, or at least cheap for the market, make the repairs quickly and while the market heats up list and sell for a profit. House flippers can expect to make thousands of dollars with a single flip, making a fast and easy way to start earning more income.

House flipping may not be for everyone, and there is more risk involved than with renting, but house flippers can expect to see a profit anywhere from $65,520 on a single flip.

House flippers toughest task is finding the best deals to flip. Thankfully for wholesalers can provide them with houses quickly, and for some serious profit.



Real estate investors love working with wholesalers because wholesalers have the one thing they need.


Finding properties to invest in, can be extremely time consuming, so often times real estate investors turn to wholesalers to provide them potential investments.

Wholesaling is how the ‘wholesaler,’ will acquire a contract from the seller of the property and then assign that same contract to an end buyer. Wholesalers find motivated sellers and match them with buyers for new investments, generally, these buyers are other real estate investor looking for their next deal.

Wholesalers can make some serious profit by the number of houses they move, and how quickly they do it. When contracts are bought and sold they receive a wholesaling fee, similar to commission fee a realtor would charge.

Wholesalers move properties quickly and are always looking to build their network and real estate investing.

Some wholesalers continue with other real estate investments and can hop on deals that other investors can’t get ahold, which helps them continue to grow their passive incomes.



Real estate investors have many avenues to make additional revenues, from flipping, renting, or even wholesaling! Making passive or active incomes have never been easier or faster than with real estate as the markets continue to improve and show no signs of slowing down.

Consider these avenues if you want to start real estate investing:

Renting: Airbnb, Home Rentals, Vacation Rentals, or even multi-family rentals are a great way to start and build passive incomes through real estate investing.

House Flipping: Make serious one time profits from purchasing undervalued homes, repairing them and selling them in hot markets across the country!

Wholesaling: Work with real estate investors to find flips and profit off the match!  Wholesaling requires little to get started and is a great way to start making money by real estate investing.

Are you read to start real estate investing?



Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor’s of Advertising  with a specialization in Graphic Design. She works as a freelance content creator for many facets of real estate, including commercial, residential, and mortgage industries.  She spends her free time finding new ways to talk to people, through writing, designing, dancing, and more. You can see her latest creations here.



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