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Make Money With Your Blog

Do you spend a lot of time thinking?  Thinking about a project or task that you can improve or better each time?  Consider documenting your progress in a blog. Blogging can be a hobby or a channel to redirect your thoughts in writing. Better yet, make more money for your effort!

You may be a beginning blogger. Otherwise, you may already have a blog that is available online that is sitting in limbo? You’ve been looking for ways that you can get that blog to create some income.  Yes, blogging takes A LOT of time!  There are many details that need to be taken care of to get a blog running. Put in the effort and be optimistic about your blog.


Start Your Website And Make Money With Your Blog

Creating a website or blog is a project that can be started in your spare time.  You can channel your knowledge of different topics through your blog.  You  are helping people around the globe to learn more about a subject or to solve a problem. Topics such as cooking, DIY home repair, travel or whatever you’re good at, consider blogging about it.

You can expand your website or blog to include e-commerce.  Your website will be your income generator by selling products to a worldwide audience.  You can read more about starting an online store below.

Start by getting your domain name.  The domain name is the www. name of your website.  Finally, you will also need a web hosting account to host your domain name.  Your web hosting account is the main hub that presents your website or blog on the internet.  Get the best web hosting!

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Make Money With Your Blog By Coaching and Consulting

Generate income from your website through coaching and consulting.  You can capitalize on your knowledge and specialized skills in your field of choice.  Your name or your website/blog name is the marketing name for promoting your coaching and consulting service. Create a web page for your service and promote it through social media or paid advertisement.

Your coaching and consulting service can be conducted through a phone call, online video conference or in person.  Agree on a time frame for you and your client.  Time can range from a few minutes to an hour for your service.

Only you know how knowledgeable you are with the service you’re providing.  If you have extensive knowledge in your field, charge your clients above average prices for your services.  If you are a beginner consultant, charge a lower fee to get your name out in the community.  Raise your fees as you become established in your field.  Make money with your blog by coaching and consulting!


Make Money With Your Blog  And Online Store

Make money with your blog by including an online store on your website or blog.  Product ideas that you can sell online are: crafts you make, specialty products like jams/jellies and digital downloads.  You can sell your products locally, but when you have an online store, you reach a large audience.  In fact, it’s a worldwide audience!

Start by formally creating a business name.  Register your business in your state & register it with the IRS then create an LLC. can help you get your LLC started today.  Register your business then open a business bank account at your local bank.  Once your bank account is set up, read below on the basics of start ups.


Basics for starting your online store:

  • Start your online store by deciding the products that you will be selling.
  • Get a web hosting account.
  • Get a website domain name that is suitable with the products you will be selling.  This is the “www.” name of your            website.

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  • Your online store NEEDS to be secure.  Check with your webhosting company about securing your website. A secure website starts with “https“ vs. “http” which is not a secure website.
  • Install Word Press as the content management system for your website.  Get a Word Press theme to create your website.
  • Word Press has plugins that you can install to run your online store. 

Make Money With Your Blog and Affiliate Marketing

Generate income through the use of affiliate marketing on your website.  Companies are willing to pay you a percentage for referring people to their products or websites.  You can get paid a percentage for a referral customer that purchases from the advertising company.  You can also get commissions from a total sale of a product or service.  Obviously, this is your goal to get more income for your website.

If you have a website or blog, you can earn cash with affiliate marketing.  When your application is approved, you will have access to text and banner links for your website.  Now that you’re approved, place affiliate marketing links strategically on your blog pages.  Add related links to your pages according to the subject or topic that you’re blogging about.


Make Money With Your Blog By Writing E-Books

Generate income from your website by writing an e-book.  Create a shop on your website for purchasing digital downloads of your e-book. Writing e-books is a rewarding accomplishment.  To put information together, organizing it to be a useful resource, takes time and energy.

Start your e-book. You create the outline, this will be the foundation of your e-book.  Determine the heading and the sub-topics for your book.  Schedule a time to write everyday. Do this and you can complete your e-book in a reasonable time.  Determine a reasonable amount of words to write every day. If you want to write a 100, 200, 300 words etc. that is all up to you.  However, reminder that the more you can write on a daily basis, will get your closer to your goal.

Concentrate on a system for accomplishing this writing goal. For your WordPress website, plugins for selling digital products are available for your use.  Complete your written project and sell your e-book on your website soon. Lastly, keep in mind that as a beginner at e-book writing, it will take time.  So be patient with yourself. 

Make Money With Your Blog By Creating An Online Course

Generate income and make money with your blog from your online course.  Based off your niche website, brainstorm on topics that you can create a course on.  For example, if you have a niche website on baking pastries, do a course on baking.  Furthermore, the course can be about baking delicious, mouthwatering, high quality pastries people will pay top dollars for. Develop courses that individuals can purchase and access exclusively from your website.

Start with this. Create a course outline with the main topics that will be covered in the course.  You can include slides, worksheets and videos that help individuals transform themselves or their business.  You can include quizzes and exercises to help steer your students towards learning.

Use Thinkific and  create your online course.  Thinkific has an excellent starter plan that cost $0/per month!  You have access to the main features as their other paid plans.  There is a 10% transaction fee for courses you sell plus the cost of your credit card transaction.



On this post we have listed ideas for your website/blog to generate more income for you.  Definitely, there are more ideas or ways then what is listed on this post that you can make money with your blog. So if you’re researching for ways to generate more income for your website, we want to steer you in that direction.

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