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Protect Your Home In 2023: Nine Tips To Secure Your Home

Protecting home is important financially.  Did you know that you can save money by securing your home? People whose homes are broken into and their possessions are stolen because of theft, are affected financially because of the loss of valuable items.

Items in your house like money, electronics (televisions, computers, audio systems, tablets etc.), jewelry and artwork are some items that are targeted in homes.  It can be a horrible and frightening experience to know that a stranger has broken into your home, went through your possessions and took your valuable items that you purchased with your hard earned money.

Taking action and having a proactive attitude towards the security of your home and property can spare you the anxiety and heart break of a home that is a victim of theft.


Upkeep The Areas Around Your House

Evaluate the general appearance of your property. Take a walk around your home and observe how the vegetation is growing. Shrubs and hedges that are tall and overgrown near windows are a potential hiding place for thieves.  Take the time to trim and thin out bushes so that areas surrounding the windows are visible.  Be sure to mow your lawn regularly.

Extremely tall grass on the property sends a message that the home owner is hardly home to take care of the property.  Keep your property organized and tidy.  Avoid having objects like tools laying around your yard that can be used as tools to enter your home. Other objects like trash bins and ladders should be kept away from fences as these can be used as an aid to jump over your fence.


Post Be Ware of Dog Signs

Beware of the Dog signs posted by entry ways to your property can serve as a means of discouragement for someone attempting to break in from the back of your property.  Maybe you don’t have a dog?  Get a sign anyway!  Getting a sign with a dog pictured on the sign can send a meaningful message to someone attempting to enter your property.


Protect Your Home: Install A Home Alarm

Have a home alarm system installed in your home. There are DIY home alarm systems that can be simply installed in your home to monitor your doors and windows. Basic kits have the sensors to install at the doors and windows, alarm sirens and the base station or alarm module that plugs into your phone jack.

You would assign your doors and windows a zone number to identify the location of its sensor. The alarm system can be programmed to call a designated contact person to report the alarm. There are alarm kits that have expandable options.  Additional accessories like motion sensors and sensors to detect the breaking of window glass windows can be purchased separately.

These kits usually contain a sticker that you can add to your home’s front window as a notice that your home has an alarm system.



Reinforce Window And Door Locks

Inspect the locking mechanisms on your doors and windows. You can improve the security of sliding doors and windows by simply cutting a wooden dowel or ½” pvc pipe to fit the length of the sliding track on the door and window. When a fit to cut dowel is place in the window track, the window can’t be open without force.  If you don’t have sliding windows, you can do more research on the different type of locking mechanism available for your window type. Be sure that your door knobs lock properly and that you have deadbolts at main entry doors.


Form A Neighborhood Watch

Talk with your neighbors about looking after each other’s home. Set up a communication system when there are any unusual activities happening around your home. Unusual activities to look for are people acting strange or unusual around your homes or neighborhood.

Be aware of strangers walking around the property and peeking thru windows.  Be conscious of cars that are driving slowly and inspecting homes or parking in your driveway.  Have an agreement with your neighbors to get a detailed description of the individual (clothes they’re wearing, approximate height etc.) and description of their vehicle and license number.

Contact your local police and your neighbor if you witness these unusual activities


Install Better Security Lighting 

Consider installing motion sensor lights at the corners of your home or near main entry doors. The motion sensor light have a sensor that activates  people walking within the range of the sensor device. These lights help to discourage activity around your home during the evening hours.

There are also dusk to dawn lights that you can install at strategic locations on your home.  These lights come on in the evening when the sun goes down and turns off when the sun comes up in the morning. You would need to keep in mind the cost of electricity when installing these types of lights.


Install Home Security Camera

Installing a home security camera system to your property is an excellent addition to having a home alarm system.  The security cameras can be position to view main entry doors, main windows, main walkways and main entries to the property.  There are kits available in a wired or wireless systems.

Basic kits contain the cameras, wires (if wired system), and the main module or drive.  The activity around your home will record to the drive.  Be sure to get a kit that has remote access capabilities with a live video view of the home activity. You can view the activity that takes place at outdoor and indoor camera locations.

You can view the feed through a cellphone, tablet or a computer.


Tips To Protect Your Home When You Travel

Inform your neighbors that you will be traveling. When traveling, use electric timers to turn lights on and off. The timers turn on lamps in different rooms that you usually occupy when you’re home.  Programming the timers to your nightly home patterns gives an appearance that you are home.

It appears you are moving to and from different rooms. Program a timer so radio turns on during the day time. As a result, the audio will appear that someone is listening to the radio station. Have your neighbor, friend or relative retrieve the mail from your mail box daily.



Use Common Sense

Check to see that your home is secure before you leave the house! Be sure to lock your doors and check that your windows are close and locked.  If you are running to the market three minutes down the street, secure your home!  If your home alone and are going to take a shower upstairs, be sure to lock the doors and windows.

It only takes a few seconds for a robber to enter your home and take valuable items from your home.  Be cautious of leaving valuable items that are visible from your front windows.  Items like purses, wallets, electronic devices like lap top computers & tablets should be kept in an area that is not visible.  Think smart!

Securing your home is an important process to do. Guard your property to prevent the loss of valuable items that you’ve spent hard earned dollars for.  Be responsible and look after your family and your home’s security. Take the time to evaluate the security of your home.

Consider doing improvements to your home security by setting aside some time to make the necessary changes. by investing a small portion of your income towards purchasing lighting, alarm systems and security cameras around property and home.  By doing this, you can prevent the anxiety, heartache and financial loss from theft and burglary.



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