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7 Clever Ways To Sell Your Way To Success


What to sell?

Where do you begin?  Start from home!  What are the items you got stuffed in your closet that’s taking up space?  Do you have a set of golf clubs, musical instruments or that vintage stereo system?  It’s a great opportunity to clean your house and get extra cash.

That extra cash from your sales can be saved up or reinvested to make more money.  With that money, you can scale up to bigger opportunities.  You can buy more items at a low cost. and resell it at a higher cost.

How about reinvesting the money so you can improve your skills?  Skills like website designing or even getting your real estate license.  Take some time to brainstorm on ways you can get ahead and increase your income.

  • Sell A Service
  • Sell Online
  • Sell Education
  • Sell Websites
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Stock Options


  • Sell High Dollar Items and Earn Commissions

Sell A Service

What are you able to do?  Can you build websites, sew wedding dresses, home repairs?  Whatever your talent is you can absolutely profit from your talents.  If you love the outdoors, start a dog walking service, mow lawns or be a hiking tour guide. Be creative and find a niche in your community where you can get a share of the market.  Be attentive to what’s going on in your community as far as services where there’s a demand.  Take advantage of opportunities where you can grow your income. Why work from the comforts of your home?  Create a schedule that’s suitable for you by becoming a freelancer.  Are you talented at graphics or love to write articles?  Besides those two, there are over a hundred money making  freelancing gig opportunities available for you on Fiverr.  Check it out!

Sell online

Build an ecommerce store: Do you make jewelry or handbags?  Do you hand craft or make something that you can sell online? You can design an online store using platforms such as Shopify or Divi for a website you build on WordPress.The great thing about building your own ecommerce store is you keep your profits!  Selling on popular websites and auction sites is an alternative option, although a percentage of your sale is taken from you.

Dropshipping: Build your ecommerce store, sell products and another party takes care of packing and shipping your products to customers. How does that sound?  There are companies that can do dropshipping for you.  You can find many of them from Salehoo.

Sell on Social Media: Social media can become a powerful tool for you to sell your products or other items online.  You can become an influencer.  Creating your own channel, you can refer interested individuals to your website to complete sales transactions.


Sell Education


Teach people to save money  What needs to be done or repaired around the house? Do you need screen repairs or servicing your air conditioner?  Homeowners are being charged hundreds of dollars for the simple replacement of their air filters and basic servicing.  Is there something you are knowledgeable about that you can capitalize and start making money on it? You can even start a YouTube channel where you can share your ideas.  Your channel would  link viewers to your website.  There they can purchase your services, enroll in a course or access membership to learn more from you.

Become a coach  Why should you become a coach?  It’s because you are good at what you do!  Maybe you’re a great blogger and you’re successful at getting people to flock to your websites.  Whatever you’re successful at, consider becoming a coach.  People are willing to pay good money to become like you. As a coach, you can set your pay rates and your hours.  You choose the number of clients you’re willing to work with per month.  The choice is up to you.


Sell websites

One of my favorite websites is They build websites that earn monthly income and they even sell the sites they’ve built for bigger profits!  How does that sound? Build websites and publish interesting content that is valuable around the world.   I’m sure you got something you are very knowledgeable about.   Create captivating content or blog articles that you can publish on your websites. Do you like buying website domains?  Buy a domain that is relatable to the niche you’re experienced with.  A catchy domain name with great content can prove to become a lucrative venture for you.



Sell Digital Products 

People make extra money every month selling digital products.  Some ideas of digital products include e-books, software and digital photos. You can design a website to sell your own exclusive products of your own.

If you’re great at designing graphics, you can design planners, art or charts and games that people can use daily.  You can sell these types of digital products on a platform like Etsy.


Sell Stock Options

You can make money by selling stock options.  You collect a premium by selling put or call options in the stock market. It’s possible to earn a monthly income by selling options contracts every month.  WARNING: You can make a lot of money in options and you can also lose a lot more or everything. Be sure to learn about options trading before you venture into this.  Learn about the basics and the many strategies available to make money in options.


Sell High Dollar Items and Earn Commissions

Sell high dollar valued items consistently and earn commissions.  But how frequently will people buy high dollar valued items?  Yes, high dollar items may be harder to sell but it’s also less work.  All you have to do is become a better seller & closer.

If you were getting commissions selling automotive parts, you have to work hard to get to $50K per month.  To get there, sell 500 units(parts) at an average price of $100 to get to $50K for the month. 500 x $100= $50,000

If you were to sell insurance, you would need to sell 63 policies at $800 to reach $50,000.  63 x $800=$50,400.  This is something to really think about.


High Dollar Sales


If you’re interested in selling high dollar value items, look into Real Estate, Life  Insurance and Auto Sales.  

To sell real estate and life insurance, you will be required by law to get licensed in your state.  You will be required to study a certain amount of hours as a prerequisite to license exams.

Most auto dealerships will have their own in house sales training for their sales  people.

By developing your selling and closing skills, you can certainly harness the income potential of high dollar valued items.  By taking the time to do the research, at the same time you can earn and learn.

To succeed, you must step forward and take the initiative to do what it takes to become successful.



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