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3 Efficient Ways To Spend Your Money

What are you going to do when you got extra money stashed away?  Whether you saved it over time or you earned it, what are you going to do with it?  Are you going to spend it or make your money work for you? Of course, we all want to see our money work for us!  To get a return on the dollars you spent, is an exhilarating feeling! Think about ways that we can make your money grow bigger.


Spend Your Money On Yourself

What do you gain when you spend money on yourself?  Spend your money to learn about making more money.  Buy books take a course or classes that will help you learn more about your niche. Keep spending money on your skills that will make you more money.

Get away from that television! Instead of entertaining yourself with those television sitcoms, feed your mind. Start reading or learning materials that will improve your knowledge. If you don’t like to read, get an audio book and listen to someone read the book to you.

Be attentive and absorb all the information.  Take the time to reflect and apply what you have learned. Knowledge gained can launch you to a higher income bracket!

Spend Your Money To Buy Tools

Buy the tools that will make you money.  Practically, every job or task will require some form of tool to reach the end goal of completing a job. A restaurant chef will need pots, pans and various kitchen tools to prepare those tasty foods. Suppose, you have a yard care service with a lawn mower only.  You can buy more tools like a hedge trimmer to create more job or money making opportunities.

If you write a blog, you can buy a computer and software.  These are tools that help you to create and publish your content on the internet. Whatever you do, tools can be expensive.  However, tools are a required resource that help you to increase your income.


Unless, you have an adequate amount of cash on hand, create a plan to purchase tool over a time period. When it comes to purchasing expensive tools, it can cause you to feel reluctant at the moment.  This is okay to feel that way. Of course, money can be also spent in other ways. You will need to overcome those feelings and look at the income potential.


Spend Your Money On Yourself-Take A Trip

Travel! Take a trip to learn more about your niche, to network and find wholesale sources. Attend a convention or trade show that pertains to your business or interest. At these trade shows, there are opportunities to attend classes and learn about your field of interest. At the same time, meet new people and establish contacts for wholesale products for your business resale.

You can find these trade shows or conventions online. These trade shows are held in major cities across the country.  Most of these organizations require membership in their organization to be considered as an attendee. Expenses include registration fees, air fare, hotel accommodation and meals. When attending these shows, you can incorporate a mini vacation or getaway.



You can locate trade shows by looking online by the subject of your niche.  Suppose you own a beauty salon, you can do an online search for “beauty conventions” or “beauty trade shows”.  Take advantage of the opportunities provided when attending these shows. Be proactive with talking and networking with individuals at the event.  Make an effort to maximize the information you can obtain. Taking a trip to a city for a trade show can definitely be pricey. But the information and connections made with businesses or individuals are priceless.

Thank you for visiting!  These are just three ways to spend your money.  There certainly are more! Be sure to visit Progressing Income often for more articles like this. 



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