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Starting A Blog Ideas 2023

Popular questions that surfaces about blogging is “Why should I blog” or “What can I write a blog about”?  Probably the most popular answer is that bloggers want to make extra money! If you read our one of articles on How To Get Extra Cash, one of the ways mentioned was blogging to make extra money. If I got to choose an opportunity to make extra money, I will certainly choose blogging.

Write a blog, make money! Mainly because I love the idea that blogging can be flexible and is easy to fit around your schedule even if you were still working a full time job. I even like the different ways or places that you can blog.  You can write your blog from the comforts of your home, in your pajamas with a cup of coffee.  You can even take your lap top to popular coffee shops with free wi-fi, hang out and work on your writing project. 

The beauty of blogging is that you can do it with whatever spare time you have available.  You can do it early in the morning before going to work or late at night when the kids go to bed.  No matter how hectic you may think your schedule may be, there will be a time slot to squeeze a blogging session.


Starting A Blog: Relax and Write

I also find blogging to be very relaxing.  As a form of therapy, I find that blogging can clear your mind of all the busy processes that are going in your head.  By typing my thoughts on my word processor, it real feels like there is some sort of mental release. You will be amazed what can come out of your mind onto your computer!  If there is a current project you are working on, whether it’s a project in the garage or if you’re in the kitchen trying to determine that correct combination of baking powder to get that perfect rise and height for your chocolate cake recipe, keep a log of your situation on your word processor and save it on your computer.



Starting A Blog: Log Your Subject Ideas

You can keep it as a record of your success or the not so good outcomes.  These records can eventually be put together to form your blog. Did you ever stop to think why people go surfing on the internet?  They are seeking one thing….KNOWLEDGE.  People are seeking information on how they can deal with or help them in their current situation. It could be about getting pointers on how to get to the next level on that addicting electronic game or a recipe on spices to make that mouthwatering, fall off the bone barbecue ribs recipe.  On the internet, there is information on practically any subject that you can think of.


Starting A Blog: Remember The Internet is World Wide

Because the internet is worldwide, picture what is happening on the other side of the world. While we are sleeping at night, it’s daytime in some other part of the world.  There are people that were in that same situation as you were in today. They were in need of information or knowledge to help them in their current situation.  Picture in your head that when you are eating breakfast in the morning, it is the evening someplace in world where people are eating or finished dinner.

There are people on that side of the world still seeking some kind of information on the internet for something that is on their mind. When you are eating lunch, someplace in the world people are waking up getting ready to tackle their next situation for the day.  These people can be on the internet seeking information on the financial markets or on how to remove all the crayon marks your kids left on the wall last night. This cycle goes on 24/7 on this place called the internet.   There are millions of people using and are on the internet every single day.

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Starting A Blog: You are reaching millions!

Now, why should you write a blog? The internet has information available to millions of people worldwide 24/7, 7 days a week. There are people writing the articles and providing that information that is available to the entire world.  Now imagine, wouldn’t it be awesome if you were one of those individuals that is an author who wrote articles with information that helped people around the world?  Imagine if you were one of those authors who had a website for the whole world to see.  Imagine if thousands if not millions of people read your articles.

Being one of those authors, how would you feel if you were compensated financially because of advertisements that were linked from your website’s articles?  Basically, your website will be an informational one.  All you are doing is blogging or sharing with the world about a topic that you are knowledgeable about.  You would share about your experiences from your good and bad experience to your ups and downs.  Share about what you did to resolve an issue that you experienced and what was the outcome.


Starting A Blog: The Learning Curves

Whatever the topic is, there are people searching for your information.  It can be about gardening, tips on caring for your cat or dog or planning a memorable birthday for your child.  The list of topics for you to blog on is endless!  All you need to do is narrow down your personal list of topics that you could potentially blog about.  Because you are reaching out to a worldwide audience, there is a potentially huge financial opportunities for bloggers who want to follow this road.



If you are new to blogging, the very beginning can be daunting.  There is a lot to learn!  Other than writing your blog, you will need to obtain your domain name and web a hosting service.

A domain name is the www. name of your website.  You will also need to get a web hosting service that will make your website available for the world to see.  There are many domain name sellers and web hosting services available. We strongly recommend that you use Word Press for your blog.  The steps mentioned above are the basic steps to help to get started on your blogging journey.

If you’re just starting to blog, be aware that tireless hours will be spent writing blog articles in the very beginning.  Yes, it is a big task ahead, but do pace yourself knowing that this blogging venture will always be ongoing.  Here’s a tip: keep a note pad nearby! Log down on your phone the ideas you have for your future blogging articles. Blogging is an adventure to be excited about!  You have a large audience that is waiting to see your awesome work! So keep your head up high and keep reaching for the stars!



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