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Save Money This Thanksgiving

You know that the year has gone by so quickly when the holidays approach.  Along with the holidays is spending time with your entire family and spending more money

The first thing that comes to mind with thanksgiving is of course, FOOD!  There are a lot of locally advertised brunch and dinner specials at thanksgiving. These venues are excellent gathering places for family and friends.

Thanksgiving is also one of those few times a year that you spend on pricey meals.  The prices were high last year, but this year is even more expensive.

If you had a rough year financially, you may be looking at skipping this annual high price meal. Okay! Let your family and friends know that you all are going to save money this thanksgiving. Let us see how we can make a fabulous meal without spending major bucks.  The men can also enjoy the holiday ball game!


Plan Ahead

Start saving by planning ahead.  Decide on where your family and friends can gather for your thanksgiving feast.  Plan on doing a potluck feast at your home or a relative’s.  Create the menu then assign relatives and friends a dish to prepare.

Shop local grocery ads for specials and even freebies!  Some large market stores have reward programs that pay off during the holiday season.  You can get a free turkey or ham and other items during the holidays by taking advantage of your rewards.

By planning ahead, you can also decorate your home and create an elegant fall theme.  You can create an ambiance that everyone can enjoy each other’s company.  You can also have time to prepare for your Black Friday shopping!


Avoid The Costly Restaurants

There are excellently prepared foods at these thanksgiving meals.  Employees are paid at a premium because it’s a special holiday.  Along with costly wages is the cost of quality ingredients to prepare these meals.

You never have to deprive of your family of eating at these special thanksgiving events.  Take a year off from spending so much.  You can always plan a budget for the next years thanksgiving.  For this year, save money and keep money in your pockets.


Cook Your Meal

Prepared meals are available from local restaurants and grocers.  You can purchase an entire prepared meal for the entire family for costs up to a $100 or more.  Maybe you don’t like cooking?  You find that buying a prepared meal is more convenient.  Yes, these prepared meals are pricey!  It all falls back to this…How much do you want to save money?

Preparing a turkey dinner never has to be a difficult process.  Prep the turkey, roast it for several hours along with preparing the fixings only requires a few hours.  Other ways of preparing the turkey is deep frying.  This requires less than half the cooking time of roasting in the oven.

Each guest preparing a dish saves everyone time and money.  The time involved in cooking is spread upon each cook so that the feast is not a burden for one individual.


Involve Your Whole Family

The preparation for thanksgiving is a time that the whole family can be involved.  Mom cooking on thanksgiving never has to be an individual show.  The man of the household, along with the teens can also help with food preparations and cooking. 

Young children can be involve with designing thanksgiving artwork to display for guest. An excellent time of bonding for the entire family!  Create a mini program for your gathering.  Everyone can reflect on the many blessings your family experienced through the years. 

Thanksgiving can be cost saving for everyone!  Plan ahead.  Cook your thanksgiving meal if it’s financially feasible for your family. 

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!








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