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Learn Job Skills Free: Get Free Training And Learn

Job Skills Free! There are times that we wished we had the skills to perform a certain job but never had any sort of training.  Because your abilities may be limited, it can be difficult to get a decent paying job. Of course we want to get paid more so that we can comfortably pay our bills and either set aside some money for savings or as a financial buffer in case an unexpected expense like your car needs a repair unexpectedly comes up.


Free Learning

Now the question is what do you want to learn?  If you don’t already know what you want to learn, you would need to narrow a list down to two or three jobs that you would most likely choose.

Because you are going to be putting in the time to learn a skill, of those two or three jobs that you listed, you will now need to narrow it down to one.

You will need to make a decision based on the time you are willing to put in. Should you be unable to reach a decision that is absolutely okay, you will just need to select one job skill for now and learn the next one in the near future.  You can learn as much as you want! 

Once you have reached a decision on that job skill that you want to learn, be sure to keep an open mind about learning.  Suppose that skill you wanted to learn to do was to be able to build your own house.  That can be a big undertaking but it certainly is possible to learn for free!

You may be thinking that you can’t get anything for free nowadays.  The possibilities are out there, you just need to find them!  Here is how you can learn for free! All you have to do is volunteer your time by working for free.


Volunteering to learn job skills

When you are volunteering, instead of paying to learn skills, you are giving your time and efforts to help a business or organization to reach a goal of completing a project or job.  Because you put in that time and effort for that project, whatever get after the completion of that project are skills and experience from helping that business or organization. Now suppose you wanted to learn to build your own house.

There is an organization called Habitat For Humanity that helps families with limited finances to build their own homes.  Contact your local Habitat for Humanity office and let them know that you are looking for projects or homes being built in your local area.  Let them know that you want to volunteer on a local building project. By volunteering your time and efforts in the building of these homes, you will get hands on experience, you’ll learn and see the processes involved in the building of a home.


Skills in other fields

You can also learn skills in other fields also.  By applying that same concept of volunteering, it is possible to negotiate with individual businesses to learn a skill.  By offering to volunteer your time and effort, you can help a business accomplish a goal in exchange for learning.  Be sure to get a clear agreement between you and the business owner.

The business owner does not have to pay you a wage for your time and efforts.  Rather, you will work for free and get your learned skills for free.  What a deal!  If you know of individuals who have a skill you want to learn, try approaching them. Offer to volunteer in their project because you want to learn a skill from them.

Other alternatives than volunteering is you can do a tradeoff.  You should read our article, Why You Should Write a Blog, we talked about getting your article on the internet. We talked about getting your domain name and setting up your web hosting.  Some individuals who aren’t tech savvy, may have a difficult time to setup their domain name and web hosting to get their blog started.

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Job Skills Free: Learn website building skills

If you know someone or you have a friend that builds websites offer something in exchange. Barter for them to help you setup your new website’s domain and web hosting.  You may be known for taking awesome, breathtaking photos.

As a suggestion, you can offer to take a bunch of photos that your friend can use on their websites in exchange for helping you set up your website/blog. Even if you’re good at organizing, you could offer to help organize your friend’s house or garage in exchange for helping you setup your website/blog.



Some ideas for trade offs are trading items that you have that have value.  You could trade a musical instrument, a camera or electronic stuffs like computers, televisions or home stereo systems. Basically, you just need to brainstorm and get an idea of what you can offer in exchange for someone to help you learn a skill.


Career Shadowing

Like career shadowing, you are following someone who has the skills that you want to learn.  Instead of paying tuition to learn a skill, find an individual that is willing for you to shadow them.  The trade-off is that you are NOT working to get paid with money, rather, you are getting paid with knowledge of skills that you’ve never had before.

When working with this teacher, be mindful of how you work!  If the teacher is giving their time to help you learn a skill, likewise, give them your time to perform the task that needs to be completed.  NEVER be preoccupied with your cell phone & texting every 2-3 minutes or constantly taking a smoke break every 20-30 minutes.  If you keep up these antics, be aware that you may jeopardize your opportunity to learn more skills from them.


Learning Pointers

Be mindful when you volunteer. You need to give your instructor your undivided attention.  Because someone is willing to teach you, be respectful towards your instructor. Never burn your bridges.  Be excited that you have an opportunity to help your instructor accomplish his/her goals! It’s a win-win situation and at the same time you can learn a valuable skill!

Always strive to learn as much as you can.  Be like a sponge that absorbs information time after time.  As time goes by, share the knowledge that you have learned and become an impact in someone else’s life also.


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