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How Your Attitude Can Make You Money

by Al P. • May 10, 2018

Money Attitude Your attitude can make you money!  Whether it’s at your full or part time job, a side job or even writing a blog.  Your attitude can affect your performance.  It can cause you to excel and earn a decent income every month or can incur you loses over time.  We all want to […]

Save Money Make Money

Saving and Spending Ideas So You Can Make More Money

by Al P. • April 30, 2018

Cut down on your spending We all have spending habits that add up to big bucks over time.  Habits like buying coffee or lunch daily add up to a sizeable dollar amount in a month’s time.  By planning ahead, you can go grocery shopping for food and drinks that will last a week.  The money […]

Become Millionaire

A Brilliant Motivational Book On Becoming A Millionaire

by Al P. • March 21, 2018

I recently finished reading The Millionaire Fast Lane by MJ DeMarco. I found this book to be a jaw dropper! Like many of us, the author was an average person. When DeMarco was a teenager going to an ice cream shop, he was captivated by a Lamborghini parked in the parking lot. Seeing a young gentleman […]

Protecting Home

Nine Top Money Saving Tips For Protecting Your Home

by Al P. • March 12, 2018

  Protecting home is important financially.  Did you know that you can save money by securing your home? People whose homes are broken into and their possessions are stolen because of theft, are affected financially because of the loss of valuable items.  Items in your house like money, electronics (televisions, computers, audio systems, tablets etc.), […]

Change Your Life

Strive to better your self and your financial situation! Working smarter instead of harder.

Becoming Innovative

Implement your ideas and be different. Seek different ways to make more money.

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Earning more means learning more. Earning more money is progressing income.


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This is exactly our goal here at Progressing Income! Making More Money!  We all have a desire to attain a higher financial status than where we are at at this present moment.  It may be a desire to work for yourself, start a successful business or retire from work at an earlier age?  It could be a desire to have more time with your family or to be able to travel to different places around the world?



Yes, we have big dreams, but the biggest question is “What are you going to do to bring your dreams to reality”?  Our desire for you is to encourage you to be excited for your future! Believe in yourself as we take this journey to become  a Progressing Income individual.

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