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Money Attitude

Money attitude can make you more money!  Whether it’s at your full or part time job, a side job or even learning to write a blog.  Your attitude can affect your performance.  It can cause you to excel and earn a decent income every month or you can incur loses over time.  We all want to be successful!  Let’s take a look at these points.


  • Concentrate on Making Personal Accomplishments
  • Be Optimistic
  • Be flexible and open minded
  • Be Patient
  • Money Attitude: Maximize the use of your spare time
  • Lend a Helping Hand to Others
  • Money Attitude: Continue To Learn
  • Practice Makes Perfect

Concentrate on Making Personal Accomplishments

We all have some kind of behavior that we try to deal with.  It could be something like you trying to stop smoking or trying to lose weight?  Take a moment to analyze that behavior you are dealing with.  It is a struggle for many to break these behaviors.  So what can you do?  Work at strengthening the positive behaviors that will help you overcome the negative ones.  You need to feel accomplishments.  If you’re smoking one case of cigarettes instead of six, you’re making progress.

If you lost 7 pounds this month, (“Hooray”) that is part of an accomplishment or goal you’re striving for.  It’s the same thing with making money. Accumulating small amounts of money will add up to bigger amounts of money.  Taking small steps instead of big leaps is a reasonable means to accomplishments.  Keep going at it!  You need to feel that you’re a successful individual. Do this by making your personal accomplishments.


Be Optimistic

When you’re in the office, do you ever get tired of hearing the negative talk going on?  Sadly, these individuals present a negative energy that affects the morale of the office.  Their doom and gloom attitude is like a magnet that pulls people under their dark cloud.  Even though there are negative people and talk going on in the office, you can make a difference.

Instead of joining the negative conversations, you can speak of positive things.  By daily having a positive optimistic attitude, you draw positive opportunities for yourself.  Opportunities that can earn you more money and a good name for yourself.


Be flexible and open minded

Some times when we are so focus on completing a task that our mind is focused only on one thing. We have our mind set on doing the task just ONE way.  Which is our way.  What if there was a process that was faster than yours?  Heck, if there was a quicker way to a quicker accomplishment, why not keep an open mind?  Being flexible is key! 

Especially, when it comes to making money, why not keep an open mind? To have a flexible mindset can help you see different perspectives.  Perspectives that can be beneficial and efficient to you.  When projects or task are completed quicker, we can move on to other money making opportunities.


Be Patient

You’ve started a blog and you can only work on it part-time.  You’ve put in many hours developing your blog and you haven’t made any income or money yet.  Surely, we all want maximized returns on our time invested building our blog.  After a few months of seeing no income or money coming in, doesn’t that make you feel like quitting?  It’s easy to throw in the towel.  Right? You have to be patient with yourself!

Keep pushing on as you’re in this for the long haul! Concentrate on building a solid foundation.  A solid foundation of doing the right things like improving your blog content and SEO.  Build content on your blog that will continue to bring in more readers.  More readers can also help you make more money from your blog. Never be afraid of trying out other things.  Failure precedes success and is a process we all go through.

Money Attitude- Maximize the use of your spare time

What do you with your spare time when it comes to making more money?  Working on making your blog successful takes up a lot of time and effort.  Incorporating a time to blog can be challenging when you have a family to take care of.  Family is important and should take priority over your side gigs.  Consider doing work in the early morning or late evening hours.  You can even squeeze a blogging time during your lunch hour. Make use of time after work to make money. We are all different in our attitudes when it comes to making extra money. So be creative on maximizing your time.





Lend a Helping Hand to Others

Help out family, friends and others whether they’re in need or need to accomplish something.  There is a good feeling that you made an impact in an individual’s life.  Simple things like taking your elderly grandparents grocery shopping or sparing a few dollars for person at the grocery checkout. There is more to our lives than pursuing success for ourselves. These individuals give you a purpose to be successful. They motivate you and give you that drive for accomplishing your life’s goals.  Remember always that people bring wealth to you. It is people that buy your products and services that grows your business to success.  As you become successful, help others to be successful also.


Money Attitude-Continue To Learn

Never stop learning!  By investing time to learn, the knowledge you gained can be applied to earn more money.  By reading more books, taking courses or attending seminars, use that knowledge to solidify your business foundation.  Since you’ve got knowledge from books and courses, you need to apply that knowledge in the real world.  You will need to put your knowledge to practical use.  Practicing what you’ve learned will never come out perfect the first time.  It’s the consistency of your practicing that will reflect over time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Put into practice all that you have learned.  It is okay to fail and make errors.  Whether you are learning to blog, building your website or whatever you’re doing keep practicing what you’ve learned. Just like learning to ride a bicycle, you will make errors and fall.  If you make mistakes, learn from it and keep pushing for excellence!  The only person that can hold you back is yourself.








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